Four Connected Streams...... One Intergrated Whole!

Throughout all the forms, the gentle weight shifts develop better balance, physical alignments and posture.
All streams work on releasing and relaxing stress and tension, through both mentally letting go and massaging the soft tissues via the movements.
As a greater coordination and proprioception is developed, a Mindfulness is cultivated bringing a deeper and meditative quality to your practice. Improved health and vitality is supported through your body working better and a greater resistance to, and recovery from, illness and injury is developed.


Tai Chi Fundamentals: Developing the basics through gentle warm ups, building correct posture and introducing gentle weight shifting.


The Five Keys & Energy Gates Qigong: Building on the Fundamentals and introducing the basics to Qi manipulation, meditation and mindfulness through movement.


Dragon & Tiger Medical Qigong: 7 movements used to clear blockages in the Qi Meridians which helps to boost the immune system and help recovery from injury and illness. Exercises both the physical body and the Qi flow to increase vitality and build a greater sense of well being.


Yang Style & Wu Style Tai Chi: A series of graceful and gently fluid movements that develop relaxation and stress release. Improving balance and stability as well as coordination, Tai Chi's softness and rhythm allows the central nervous system to let go. With the deep relaxation and the gentle shifting of weight the awareness is allowed to settle into the body cultivating a sense of internal balance.


Gods Playing in the Clouds: These six movements bring together all the elements contained in the previous forms and seeks to unify them. Bringing gentle movement and meditation together, Gods is one of the pinnacle forms of Qigong.

Circle Walking Meditation - BaGua: A dynamic and continuously fluid discipline, Circle Walking brings together all the streams and elements learned throughout the previous forms whilst nurturing a meditative quality. Developing a sense of 'change' through dynamic postures and movements, inertia within the body and mind is gradually lessened allowing a Mindfulness quality to grow.

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