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Research into the benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong

Below are a few links to a number of sites that have researched some of the many medical benefits of practicingTai Chi and Qigong. These sites range from academic medical research to NHS recommendations and look at a range of conditions from hig blood pressure to Parkinsons Disease.


We will be regularly updating and reviewing new research links so keep visiting.


If you find any interesting research then please let us know so we can share it with everyone.

Personal experience of Peter Jackson, Cornwall


I have been practicing qigong and tai chi for around 16yrs and was very lucky to be fairly experienced when I suddenly got post viral polyarthritis.


Basically, acute arthritic pain in every single joint of my body from the neck down, except my arms. Moving even slightly caused enough pain that I was prescribed morphine. No way I could do tai chi then but I could do a minimised form of qigong and I built on this, quickly ditching the morphine and slowly expanding my practice. You should have seen the look on my consultant’s face when, instead of hobbling slowly on crutches, I walked into her room!


The polyarthritis is still in the background but hardly ever even reaches my consciousness as I still practice daily – the illness keeps me honest! So, I can personally attest that it is amazing for arthritis, boosting the immune system, relaxation (hard to relax when you are in constant agony but I got there), being aware of your body (even when it may be easier not to be!), meditation (the current buzzword is Mindfulness but it is closely related to what the Taoists have been doing for thousands of years – well done us for catching up a little!), balance and keeping a positive mental attitude (even under pretty awful circumstances).


Wishing you all the best in your practice,

A Comprehensive Review of Health Benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi



A compelling body of research emerges when Tai Chi studies and the growing body of Qigong studies are combined. The evidence suggests that a wide range of health benefits accrue in response to these meditative movement forms, some consistently so, and some with limitations in the findings thus far. This review has identified numerous outcomes with varying levels of evidence for the efficacy for Qigong and Tai Chi, including bone health, cardiopulmonary fitness and related biomarkers, physical function, falls prevention and balance, general quality of life and patient reported outcomes, immunity, and psychological factors such as anxiety, depression and self-efficacy. A substantial number RCTs have demonstrated consistent, positive results especially when the studies are designed with limited activity for controls. When both Tai Chi and Qigong are investigated together, as two approaches to a single category of practice, meditative movement, the magnitude of the body of research is quite impressive.”

Harvard Health Publications: Harvard Medical School

“When combined with standard treatment, tai chi appears to be helpful for several medical conditions. For example:
Arthritis; Low bone density; Breast cancer; Heart disease; Heart failure; Hypertension; Parkinson’s disease; Sleep problems; Stroke”

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